How to motivate buyers to buy Luxurious properties

The first step in the process is the “curb appeal” The buyer see the outside of the property and surrounding areas before entering the inside therefore the outside should have minimum of one to two features to ketch the buyer’s eye and bring the buyer to the inside with a high level of curiosity and expectation. The inside has to be an extension of the outside with interior features that balance and complement the exterior.

The second step in the process is to give the buyer the desired comfort level and assurance that you will be with them along the way and provide the warranty and support needed should the need arise.

Custom home buyers are very sophisticated and they know exactly what they want and you should do your homework to get familiar with new design trends and features in demand. The demographist of Custom home buyers is constantly changing and we see more younger to mid age buyers entering the market with a different demands. for example (for the older custom home buyer an “elevator” is a must feature but for the younger Custom home buyer modern technologies, entertainment and media may be more important)